About Us

Who We Are

Our development team includes two android programmers. On our design side are a child and youth work student, a medical student, and a registered psychologist. We have also been fortunate to have help from an editor and a psychology graduate student. We share the same interest of wanting to help young people develop healthy minds. 


Our Goal

 Empower young people to improve or maintain their own mental well-being. 

  • Tools: Practical tools which kids and adults can use to improve resilience.​
  • Free and Portable: This mobile app is free and without ads.
  • Fun and Achievable: Looking after our minds doesn't need to be a chore. The stories and tools in our app are fun and colourful.  


Strong Minds app is not a substitute for professional care, and is not considered a treatment for any disorders. If you or your child has a serious mental health concern, you should find a qualified person to help you.